Following are general prices for having us work for you. If you have a special request or what you need is not covered in the general pricing, please contact sales by mail.

Drum Tracks

I will record drum tracks for a pre-mixed song, and send to you either the drum track itself or the track mixed in with the rest of the song. The drumless track must be provided in .wav format, or if you can provide stems, that would be even better. The more information about what you are looking for that you can provide, the more likely the drums will meet your specifications. Pricing is $50 for the first song, and $30 for each additional per order.

Audio Mixing/Producing

Audio mixing of songs with prerecorded instrument and vocal tracks is also available. You will need to provide each track in .wav format, reaper data if available, and details on any requirements or preferences for the final product. Please be sure to name each track and data file with descriptive titles. The price is $80 for the first song and $30 for each additional per order.

Additional Information

At this very moment, payments are accepted through Paypal. We will be working to be able to accept direct credit card payments or other electronic methods.

Due to prior issues where clients did not pay after the materials were delivered, half of the final charge will be due up front before work begins on anything involving deliverable material. The remainder will be due after acceptance of the work. After receiving final payment, all involved files will be sent to you.

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