Who I am

I am a blind drummer who received my first full drum set at five years of age, and haven’t looked back since. Born prematurely in the spring of 1995, I lost total vision at the age of seven but didn’t let that stop me. Over the years I has played in a Christian rock band, written my own music, recorded drum tracks for a number of friends, and played in multiple church bands.

I currently live in St. Louis Missouri with my wife, Christy, and our crazy black and white cat named Mister. Although I developed continuous migraines in 2013, I find that playing drums rarely increases the pain, so I continue to play at home and for clients who request work while I wait for an opportunity to join a band again. I also do audio mixing work for clients upon request.

I will play pretty much any music genre except for rap and modern pop. Some of the bands whose music I enjoy playing drums to most often are Dream Theater, REO Speedwagon, Chicago, and For King and Country.

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