What is This Page?

Are you tired of just reading about what I can do? Do you actually want to hear it? If so, you have come to the right place! This page contains links to drum covers on YouTube, and eventually will likely offer original material as well.

You will likely notice that the YouTube videos have mostly audio with only a basic visual background. This is because as a blind musician, I don’t much play with video at this point. The real focus is the sound.

Drum Covers

First, in case you are wondering what a drum cover is, it will be explained. A drum cover, at least as shown here, contains the original song but with my drums mixed in. In some cases the original drums are still present but at a lower volume, while in others the original drums have been removed altogether. In these examples where the original drums are removed, not only have I added my own drums, I've mixed the intire song from scratch with only stems provided to me. Note that in some instances when the original drums remain on the track, my drums will be at a higher volume than the rest of the track. This is done to bring out the sound of my playing, and would not be done in normal audio mixing projects. Now with that out of the way, here are a few links for your listening pleasure! Feel free to comment on videos you like, hit that subscribe button so you never miss anything from me, and tell your friends!

This recording of The Look, by Roxette, was done using individual original instrument tracks, minus the drums. I was dared by a friend to play drums to this song and just let loose, even though I barely knew the song at all, and this was the result. I played the drums to a separate track, then mixed all of them myself. Unfortunately, due to a dying hard drive the last part got cut off, but the main part of the song is all there.

If you’re looking for something a bit more kid friendly, here is a cover of Let it go, from the movie Frozen.

Here is a cover of Rush's song Tom Sawyer.

Fleetwood Mac Go your own way drum cover.

Foo Fighters Best of you drum cover.

Here's a fitting song, Meghan Trainor - Bang Dem Sticks Drum Cover.

Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles drum cover.

The offspring hit that drum cover.

REO Speedwagon In My Dreams drum cover.

Want more?

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